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Channel complexity into confident action.

We help independent thinkers and compassionate leaders make invisible obstacles and opportunities visible – and actionable.

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Systems oriented experience strategy to help you navigate uncertainty.

We infuse human centered experience strategy with systems thinking and complexity science to help you make more confident decisions, build more resilient organizations, and deliver more meaningful customer experiences.

Whether you need a...

more detailed map

stronger compass heading

seasoned guide to lead the way

We'll help you make progress on your journey.

Improving experiences and outcomes, for businesses and people.

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Behavioral Archetypes & Personas

Building deeper understanding of the people you serve and how to meet them where they are via research and codesign

Thumbnail images of journey maps and service blueprints
Experience Maps & Blueprints

Visualizing experiences, unmet needs, relationships, value flows, system influences, behaviors, and business opportunities

Thumbnail images of playbooks and strategic roadmaps
Strategy Playbooks & Action Plans

Translating solution concepts and vision frameworks into concrete tactics and actionable roadmaps for implementation

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Learning, Enablement, & Facilitation

Creating connective tissue and empowering organizational dynamics that encourage desirable change to emerge

Collaborating with organizations and people who want to make things better.

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Health & Wellbeing

Improving health care experiences for patients, caregivers, providers, and staff

Driving sustainable therapeutic adherence and healthy behavior change

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Learning & Growth

Improving learning experiences for students, employees, & customers

Facilitating more resilient teams and adaptable organizations

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Improving employee experiences & enabling more authentic leadership

Designing systems that better connect people to the resources they need

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Connect with us.

Want to learn more about Topology? Have a complex challenge you’re looking to tackle? Tell us about it and we’ll find time to connect.

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